With Over 30+

Years Experience...

Hesham Wanas

Hesham Wanas is multifaceted. With backgrounds in engineering, project management, ethnographic research, and vision care technology. He has over 19 years experience volunteering with local non-profits with youth and director based projects. Mr. Wanas strongly believes improving ourselves and our community stems from our youth: By investing in our youth, we build a generation of strong-minded, strong-willed, successful individuals. He serves as Camp Board Director for Camp Oswego. 

Fikry Fahmy

Fikry Fahmy is a community leader and educator. He serves as a family counselor for several non-profit organizations for over 30 years.  Not to mention his extensive experience as a professor and educator at Montclair University, Bergen Community College and Passaic County Community College. He serves as Camp Advisor at Camp Oswego.

Hossam Elshazly

Hossam Elshazly has his MBA in Business Management. He has been in the field of Information Technology & Business for over 20 years, working as Senior Executive IT Adviser at Express Scripts. Hossam is Strategic Business Adviser at Camp Oswego. 

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