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What would summer be without Softball and Baseball?!? One of the funnest outdoor activities to do at camp!


Leisurely or competitive, our tennis courts will bring out the best in you! Don't worry about bringing rackets or tennis balls we've got it!


Hands down the best camp sport there could be. And when we create teams, the team bonding couldn't be better!


All the activities wearing you out? We have an outdoor space special for reflection, meditation, and yoga. 

Biking Trails

Biking through the woods is an adventure, you never know what you'll discover! Our camp counselors will guide you along the way.


Canoeing is exhilarating, and don't worry in case you're knew to it, our expert counselors will walk you through it!


Who doesn't love hiking trails and discovering things in the woods? Let's go on a wilderness hike and see what we find!


We can't boast enough of our Spring Water Lake with amazing landscapes, like something out of a portrait! Oh and the swimming is awesome too!


As a wilderness scout archery is a must. We have the equipment, the trained staff to help you along. Just aim and shoot. 


Whether a Corporate or Religious Retreat, we cater to all. You want a reflective retreat or adventerous, we have may options!


With over 250 Acres of land, we can host the BIGGEST outdoor concert!

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Team Building

You'll leave with strong bonds, team working skills, and with one another and memories that you'll never forget.


The vast space gives us the advantage to hold large events, such as concerts.


Take your employees out for some stress relief while still conducting work. 


Can't go wrong with a game of soccer. We provide the goals and soccer ball, just bring your stamina!

Tug of War

A classic game that never gets old! Challenge your friends to a game of tug of war. 

Arts & Crafts

Take some time to relax and create something of your own. 


Discover your skills with just some fish line and a rod, let's see what we can catch!


Whether it's religious or a life lesson, you'll leave with more knowledge.


Camp Fires

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